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India Vet Care Expo

Where Animal Health is Transformed

Welcome to India’s new, international style, all in one business-&-learning-excon, designed to

  • Help buyers find, compare and buy new technology, products and services
  • Help veterinarians and animal health professionals keep abreast of change
  • Help solution providers engage with VET practice owners and animal health professionals
  • Help manufacturers, importers and distributors of pet care and pettech products connect with vet clinics, pet store owners and retailers

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Who Attends?

The India Vet Care Expo unites buyers (veterinarians including Food and Animal Vets, as well as Wild Life & Companion-animal Vets) who are looking to meet, find, compare and buy new products and services from industry sellers.

Vets in Practice

Companion Animal Veterinarians

Food and Animal Veterinarians

Pet Care Supply and Retail

Research and Laboratories

Government, Regulators, Public Health

Zoos, Animal Sanctuaries, Wild Life Conservation Parks

Animal Farming and Agri Business

International Buyers

Job Titles

  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Technicians
  • Animal Health Researchers
  • Veterinary Clinic Teams
  • Veterinary Nurses
  • Scientists
  • Veterinary Medicine Students
  • Veterinary Faculty
  • Animal Health Faculty
  • Veterinary Medicine Faculty
  • Animal welfare advocates
  • Animal rights activists
  • Veterinary societies & associations
  • Animal health companies and organizations
  • Government officials and policymakers involved in animal health regulation
  • Agriculture and livestock industry professionals
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in animal health and welfare
  • Animal shelter and rescue Organization workers
  • International buyers

Why Exhibit?

This is a world class experience that allows solution providers with new thinking and new products to engage with a prequalified audience that is hungry for innovation. With a large customer base attending the event, The India Vet Care Expo optimizes your budget and your time.
Every aspect of the exhibition has been designed for you to achieve maximum value and brand presence

The VetPet Health Summit

Focused Confeence Covering the Entire Spectrum of Healthcare A Convergence of 10,000+ Eminent Veterinarian Participation from Accros the Globe who are Keen to Meet.

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Animal Health
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Feline | Canine

Small Animal
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Wildlife and



Disease Control



Pharma and
Animal Health

Dignostic, Treatment
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